SAME Robins Space Colonization STEAM Event

What an awesome event!!! Several members of our post had the opportunity to help out the SAME Robins Post with their Space Colonization STEAM Event held at the Museum of Aviation in Warner Robins, GA on November 6th.

This yearly event uses STEAM to guide student inquiry, dialogue and critical thinking as they work together in teams to complete a STEAM challenge.

In this years event, students were tasked with creating a team name and patch as well as create a task force of STEAM professionals to man a rocket that will be launched to a planet they identified in a previous years challenge. They were given specific requirements that their patch must include and were told that for every STEAM member they chose to send on the rocket, they would have to add a pennies weight to their prototype. The final task was to launch their rockets and see whose rocket could reach the targeted planet, land upright and stay in tact.

Teams were awarded top points for including what was asked of them in their team patch. They were given points for who they chose as their team members and then points were given for their launch.

Members of the SAME Moody-Valdosta Post were able to serve as judges for this event. We were very impressed by the groups choices of STEAM professionals they chose to include in their task force. Most included team members who could man the rocket and get them to their planet, but it was interesting to see those groups who thought about providing team members who could help them survive once they landed such as a medical professional, someone educated in horticulture who would help them know what they could and couldn’t eat and someone who would be able to communicate with the life forms found there.

We were also very impressed by the materials students chose to build their rockets. As you will see in the pictures below, a lot of thought went into what type of material would survive the landing and how the rocket needed to be built so it would land upright.

This event brings in teams of students from various schools in the area. It was interesting to learn that the students who participated in this event are not only from STEAM clubs or classes. The SAME Robins Post is very passionate about building interest in STEAM among students who may not be attracted to STEAM career fields. Therefore, many of the students who were invited did not attend due to their interest in STEAM. Their teachers or counselors chose them to attend the event in hopes that it would help them develop an interest in STEAM and learn that STEAM is in everything we do!

Again, what an awesome event! Well done SAME Robins Post!!